The Heads of School

Firstly, I must thank the wonderful people who keep Oundle

life running impeccably – rather like a bird; very graceful

and overlooked on top but under the surface who are working incredibly hard to keep us moving forward.

The teaching body, who don’t just enlighten us with knowledge but also life skills, passion and fulfilment.

The Grocers and Governors whose selfless organisation provides us with endless opportunity and the Head,

Deputy Heads, HSMs and Tutors who invaluably shape our Oundle experience.

Oundle has taught me so much, however what I find outstanding is how it teaches you to grow.

I have grown from an only child from the little market town of Berkhamsted,

who, in my first week felt so estranged

by this Hogwarts looking school that I scoured it up and down searching for a train station in order to escape back home to cure my crippling homesickness.

Luckily for me, although I didn’t realise this at the time, platform nine and three quarters didn’t exist.

Now, as an independent and confident individual who feels loved by those around me, I, and the rest of my peers,

will take this admirable growth into our next venture in life. But please do not get too excited as five years on,

Oundle has not managed to teach me how to remember my docket! It is here I must say thank you to my year group and that I can’t wait to see us all keep growing from the seed which Oundle has planted in us.

All this is thanks to the welcoming, stimulating and challenging community of Oundle alongside numerous opportunities.

To those continuing their time here, it isn’t always easy, but please take every opportunity and seek help when you need.

We are so lucky that we can get the absolute best out of Oundle and you will regret it if you don’t. For girls particularly, keep striving as Oundle heads into its thirtieth year of co-education.

Finally the Sports department. Oundle consistently excels in allowing people to find their niche, and it is here that I have found mine. I cannot wait for the opening of the new Sports Centre.

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