The Picton Castle Reports In

The Picton Castle Reports In

Here’s news from the other Cape and notes from you r prodigal Honorary Trustee …. We’re 30,000 miles around.

the world in our bark Picton Castle now, and I could not be more pleased withher.

My message is twofold. I want to let yo u know I’m out here, but not forgetting you and yo ur ongoing efforts.

We have a pretty popul ar web site, crea ted and managed by Angelo Cerchione-check it out sometime!

After all, more people have walked on the moon in the last 50 years than have sailed a cargo-carrying bark arou nd the world.

The trip started out with a rough-andtumble winter in the North Atlantic with about a week of cold westerly gales.

Then we sail ed into the tropics and amazing passages, coral reef passes inro atolls, islands, great tradewinds, violent squalls, long interludes ashore, 35 days across the Indian Ocean,

 Zanzibar with its sailing dhows, and cyclone season along East Africa, followed by a fine five-day rounding of the Cape of Good Hope- 1,000 miles from.

Durban to Cape Town with southerly gales off the Cape with blasts to hurricane force under lower tops’ls.

And now we’re in Cape Town. As I write we’re about to have a gathering of old salts aboard the Picton Castle.

There is a goodly contingent of Cape Homers here. Capt. Phil Nankin, formerly Chief Mate of the Lawhill, is here with a lot of Lawhill hands,

As are Cape Homers from the Passat, Pamir, Grossherzogin Elisabeth, Greif, Padua and Parma.

This parry was an idea starred in the Romance under Capt. Kimberly, who was an OS in th e four-masted Swedish bark Abraham Rydberg for about a year.

We’re homeward bound now, only 7,000 mi les to go in fair South Atlantic trades to Sr. Helena and Barbados, a couple of other isles of the blest,

Bermuda and Lunenburg followed by some small trips celebrating 2000 before we’re outward bound around the world again.

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