The stake out

The stake out

One night she decided it was time to act and parked her car a

few metres away from Morake’s house. “I sat in my car from 10pm until 2am.

At one stage I fell asleep.” She then heard a knock on her window

and thinking it was the rapist, she was engulfed by fear.

She slowly raised her tiny frame from the car seat, lifted her eyes and opened the window.

“It was Morake’s neighbour who asked me why I was parked in front of his house.

He had noticed that the car had been there for a while and wanted to know what I was doing there.”

Detective Masuku says she lied that her car had broken down and she was waiting for help.

Not knowing that Detective Masuku was a police officer herself,

the old man said she could wait at his house and off ered to call the police on her behalf.

She declined, determined to be there when Morake emerged.

At 4am she saw a man who fi tted Morake’s description going into the house.

“I called for backup and was joined by two other police offi cers. We stormed the house, found him in his bedroom and arrested him.

“For me it was a huge moment. After all those months of investigating we finally found him and he was finally going to be accountable for all those women he raped.”

Morake stood trial in the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court earlier this year and was sentenced to multiple life sentences.

A good accident Morake is just one of the many criminals Detective Masuku hopes to put behind bars.

While she does her job with excellence, dedication and commitment, she says joining the South African Police Service (SAPS) happened by accident.

“It’s a good accident and I’m glad it happened.” The former teacher says she left teaching because she wanted a change of career and tried her luck with “any job in government”.

When she saw an advert that SAPS was looking for new recruits,

she applied and as they say, the rest is history.

She did her training at a police college and was posted at Booysens Police Station as a trainee police offi cer for two years.

 “We were then asked to choose which area of the police we would like to work in and I chose detective work, a decision I have not regretted.”

She is currently based at the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Off ences Unit at the Department of Community Safety’s Tembisa Cluster.

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