The World Ship

The World Ship

Trust Celebrates the Charles W. Morgan

The World Ship Trusr gave irs Maririme Herirage Award to rhe lasr American sailing whaleship, Mystic Seaporr’s Charles W Morgan, this pasr September.

The Morgan, bui lr in 1841 , is rhe cenrerpiece of M ysric’ s stellar collection of historic vessels known rhe world over.

The award was presented by Senator Christopher]. Dodd of Connecticur. Wirh his leadership supporr, a special irem for $10 million for rhe maririme herirage is moving through rhe US Congress (seep. 15).

An Award of Merit was made larer in the year to the square rigger BaLcLutha of 1886 in San Francisco,

A ship whose preservarion under Karl Korrum’s direcrion was largely inspired by Mystic’s saving of rhe Charles W Morgan.

The World Ship Trust, founded by Frank Carr in 1979 wirh the active parriciparion of NMHS, works to preserve hisroric ships and arrifacrs for the educarion and enjoyment of the public.

To this end the Trusr publicizes vessels in need and works to raise public awareness of the world’s heritage in hisroric ships rhrough publicarion of the quarterly World Ship Review,

 sent to irs members, and rhe aurhoritarive International Register of Historic Ships.

Each edirion of The World Ship Review carries news and views on rhe many aspecrs of historic ship preservation and maritime museum acriviries from around rhe world,

including the eagerly awaited “Sea Pie,” a miscellany of reporrs from all quarters.

The mosr recent edirion covered ropics from Australia, Bermuda, Canada, Denmark, Egypr, France, Germany,

Grear Britain, Japan, Myanmar, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden and the Un ired Stares.

There were fearure articles, roo, on archives, the Ausrralian Register of Historic Ships and rhe restorarion of rhe 1896 Clyde-builr barque GLenLee.

A diary of events is carried as well as derails of new books. as derails of new books.

The recently published 3rd edirion of The International Register of Historic Ships conrains derailed background on approximarely 2000.

historic vessels in 72 countries and contains a wealrh of other informarion in irs various appendices,

updaring rhe reader on rhe change of vessel starns since rhe publicarion of the 2nd edirion,

and providing a list of vessels by rype, a bibliography, and conracrs for vessel owners.

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