Tim Lovejoy


If you’ve ever seen a man more bitter he was most probably made
of dog shit and lemons. Fittingly, Lovejoy

the former is how Lovejoy likes to treat his guests and co-hosts on Something For The Weekend – a Sunday morning ‘magazine’ show so void of charm it makes David Cameron look like a real boy.

The rumour goes that Timothy narrowly missed out on a big
presenting job way back, and he’s clearly never gotten over it,

bowling around these days like Rodney Trotter’s cunt twin as if
he’s still showing off in front of Kasabian on Soccer Saturday.

He is a horrible man.

OK, it’s not actually a 2010 release but Michael Powell’s 1960 slasher movie finally had a well deserved cinema audience this year.

Originally launched the same year as Hitchcock’s Psycho, the film effectively killed off Powell’s career with its sleazy concept and
shocking content.

German actor Karlheinz Bohm plays Mark Lewis, an obsessive film enthusiast who murders women whilst filming their dying throes of

It’s a chilling film (Lewis hiding a blade in his tripod and enticing prostitutes with the glamour of a camera)

and a beautifully made tale of a troubled loner, an expressive comment on an individual’s place in society and a remarkably powerful denouement.

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