Tips on sports photography

Tips on sports photography

It is important to understand the rules of the sport you

are planning to photograph, and also how it normally flows.

The better you know the game, the better your pictures will be, primarily because you will be able to anticipate the action better.

You must be proactive, not reactive. If you are reacting to action happening on the field, then you have already missed the shot.

Learn the rhythm of the sport and look for signs of impending action ลาวสามัคคี วีไอพี.

However, just because you are a great photographer in one sport doesn’t automatically translate across to others.

A number of years ago I had the opportunity to shoot sideline at a Wellington Phoenix game.

Standing beside me was the iconic rugby photographer Peter Bush.

 Peter hardly ever shot soccer, so I ended up explaining soccer rules to him as we shot side by side, as he was having difficulty tracking the action.

If you have been to any major sports events you will have seen the professional photographers with their expensive cameras and long lenses and thought, I could never afford that.

Now, while good sports photos are often taken with good camera equipment, good camera equipment does not necessarily make for good sports photos. It is how they are used that makes all the difference.

The sports, and locations where they will be shot, play a huge part in the gear you need. If you want to capture action in a field sport (such as rugby or cricket) then you need a long lens (300mm +).

 However, if these games are being played in daylight then you can get away with a kit zoom lens. If they are being played under lights at a stadium then you need fast glass (f2.8-f4.0).

Alternatively court games, such as basketball, can be shot with a 50mm lens – but it will need to be fast.

The choice of full frame, versus crop is up to the individual, but in sports the APS-C and micro four-thirds cameras do give you the advantage of extra reach in the lens.

One thing that is really important, if you plan on shooting fast sport, is how many frames per second the camera can shoot and how many images the buffer can hold.

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