Triaging by telemedicine

Triaging by telemedicine

By contrast, the telemedicine requirements of patients in the United Kingdom would naturally differ

from those patients living in rural India, and we also heard from a doctor working at the prestigious Moorfields Eye Hospital in London.

Dr. Renata Puertas, a glaucoma specialist at the same hospital, presented The Effect of Telemedicine on the Glaucoma Service at Moorfields.

 Her report shed light on the telemedicine system the U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS) had in place before COVID-19, ลาวสามัคคี

and how the institution adapted to the pandemic. Dr. Puertas revealed that by splitting patients into three telemedicine consultation categories,

 — namely consultant-led, technician-delivered and optometrist-driven — the triage process for patients could be optimized.

This, she pointed out, was absolutely essential given that there are only 1,500 ophthalmologists working in the U.K. at present,

and this move also led to a quicker road to treatment and diagnosis, thus improving patient outcomes.

Indeed, she said that under this system, 97% of patients reported that they were satisfied with the quality of care they received.

Videos from the past (like the Buggles) An interesting part of the symposium worth noting was

the transformative role telemedicine has in education, as well as in patient treatment.

This was the purpose of Evaluation of the Effectiveness of E-Learning by Dr. Wai Kit Chu, an associate professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Dr. Chu reported that 60% of his students reported that tele-learning was “a very good way to learn” and that his University’s whole learning system has markedly improved.

Considering that, according to the doctor, most learning videos were made in the 1980s — so, we can imagine how much of an improvement this represents.

This session will be posted on the PAO 2021 Virtual portal for on-demand viewing in the near future — and is likely to be very valuable to those wanting to learn how to optimize their telemedicine services.

You should also visit the PIE and CAKE websites, as we have previously covered this topic in great detail … indeed, it was almost as if we were glued to television screens for a while.

Remember, when it comes to telemedicine: “in my mind and in your car, we can’t rewind, we’ve gone too far…”

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