Underground Railroad


It’s hard to respect a band who sail with the prevailing trends.

So it’s lucky this London-based Parisian trio have drifted into more
experimental waters now slackerrock is so depressingly au fait,

following their dreams rather than the zeitgeist on ‘White Night
Stand’ – a dark, woozy opus inspired by a Lynch psycho-drama.

Guitarist and vocalist Marion Andrau’s songs bring the twilight
menace, Railroad

weaving echoey blues into organ-laced psychedelia on ‘Traces To Nowhere’ and ‘The Orchid’s Curse’.

Meanwhile, singing drummer Raphael Mura’s songs supply the record’s thundering energy, with ‘Russian Doll’ – a ghost train ride that takes in

The Who and Tangerine Dream – and the nine-minute Stuka dive of ‘Seagull Attack’,

which would obliterate a room full of slackers with its sheer power.

“I’ve been feeling like [I need to complete this record] from the first day I started working, quite honestly,” says Tom,Railroad

“because I wanted to have it out there.

And I’m not going to say that this is different to how anybody feels who creates stuff, but you do sit there and think,

if my standard was lower I could just get this stuff out there, even though I’m not happy with it.

But you don’t even want to think that. I cast away that thought, of course I do. But then you’re thinking, what am I looking out for here? What am I meant to be reacting to?

Because there’s an element of music where it’s like, ‘this is going to give me a cool life’, or, ‘this would be fun to play live’,

and I disallowed myself a few of those things. It was as if it had to be some kind of challenge and endurance.

I think this is something that I only have to go through once. I’m pleased that I’ve come to terms with myself as someone with previous work and future work, and everything is set up now.

There’s going to be more music soon, I hope.”

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