Welcome to G2E 2017

Gaming’s largest trade show promises to drive industry forward

The casino gaming industry is in a state of growth and evolution as a rebounding economy and new advancements in technology push our industry forward.

Global Gaming Expo 2017 (G2E) will push the boundaries of the international gaming and hospitality trades even further when it returns to Las Vegas this October,

Delivering a flurry of cutting-edge gaming innovations and an army of esteemed experts.

Welcome to G2E 2017 G2E 2017 will serve as a platform to prepare attendees for the rapidly growing and evolving casino gaming landscape—hitting on the industry’s hottest topics;

including the legalization of sports betting, evolution of game play and the integrated resort and casino floor of the future.

Of all these topics, the one that’s driving the most buzz is the prospect of legalized sports betting across the country.

On the heels of the United States Supreme Court’s decision to hear New Jersey’s appeal to the federal sports betting ban,

G2E will again explore the benefits of a legal, regulated sports betting market.

In June, AGA launched the American Sports Betting Coalition, bringing together law enforcement,

State’s rights advocates, mayors and others in support of a modern approach to sports betting that allows states to decide whether it’s right for them.

With an estimated $150 billion wagered illegally each year in the United States, attendees will get to hear how a legal,

Regulated market will open the door for new revenue opportunities for local communities across the country.

Welcome to G2E 2017 Since the beginning of the year, eight states have introduced.

legislation to allow sports betting once the federal ban is lifted.

These conversations and more will be at the forefront of G2E in 2017 as industry.

Experts and leading voices within the professional sports community debate the benefits of legalized sports betting.

Sports betting’s popularity has also given way to the rise of another emerging trend within our industry: eSports.

At this year’s G2E, attendees will be transported to the casino floor of the future, where they can explore.

What an eSports arena will look like and what’s currently driving customer engagement.

They’ll also be able to discover the proper methods of how to build a seamless customer experience.

Whether eSports becomes a widespread gambling product or not, it’s argued to be a key component of the integrated resort of the future.

However, two areas already a part of the integrated.

Resort experience and the casino floor of the future are virtual reality and mobile technology.

Casino games have evolved from their original designs to attract the industry’s next generation of players. Virtual reality and skillbased games offer new, dynamic ways for players to interact with games and compete against one another.

In addition, emerging technology trends to make the customer experience more enjoyable and seamless will be on display at this year’s show.

Further enhancements to the slot.

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