The day House

We’re back... The day House

Whereas Charles describes the “hubbub” of the once again brimming boarding Houses,

my aim for this article is to express the sensation of a very different experience.

Boarders, imagine that you never left Oundle on that fateful spring Friday.

 Imagine watching the thick fleet of Range Rovers leaving the School grounds, precariously sludging through the narrow streets of a soon to be desolate Oundle.

And then… after the last exhaust has coughed its way over the horizon… silence.

Six months of ‘once a day mental health’ walks without distraction of car, nor plane, nor person.

So, now that the boarders are back and Oundle,

for the first time in six months, transitions once again from being a home to a school,

what’s different for the locals and how does this compare to being a boarder?

Whereas Charles speaks of the boarding Houses being split apart into two households (both alike in dignity?) on the face of it, Laxton is barely recognisable.

Each year group is separated into a different floor of the House, unless you are in Fourth Form, We’re back… The day House

in which case you’ll be in SciTec the entire time, without a single minute on Laxton’s hallowed turf.

However, the change in House dynamic has had its perks. One of which, obviously, is the fact that it’s a well thought-out system that is designed purely with the safety of its inhabitants in mind;

but also, it is actually a real luxury to have so much space for one’s year group to make use of in House.

For example, the Lower Sixth has the whole upper floor of the House, consisting of five common rooms,

a cafe area, the tower room and our informal library. Additionally, lunch can be quite enjoyable.

 It’s comforting to know that with the new system, it is guaranteed that there will be a place for you to sit, We’re back… The day House

taking so much of the pressure of priority slots off your shoulders, at the small cost of five minutes extra walking time.

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