WhenSelf-Service IstheBestService

WhenSelf-Service IstheBestService

Kiosk technologies have changed casino floors, hotel front desks, bars,restaurants, parking garages and more.

Surprisingly, while automating once-human transactions, they have made hospitality more hospitable.

I n the Jetson Age—i.e., the present day—it’s entirely possible for a resort guest to arrive at his destination, park, check in, play, dine, play some more, cash out and leave, all without a person-to-person exchange.

While such human-free visits are hardly the norm, self-service technologies, especially kiosks, now handle all manner of once-human transactions, like redeeming loyalty points, ordering drinks or exchanging currencies.

Are such technologies taking the personal touch out of personal service?

Far from crimping customer service, kiosks free staff from mundane data-capture and paperpushing tasks so they can focus more on “a servicefirst culture,” Hoss says, “enriching the patron experience with face-to-face contact.”

WhenSelf-Service IstheBestService So, not so inhuman after all.

Customers’Choice On their face, kiosks help by simplifying and speeding essential transactions, eliminating wait lines, and letting people manage the details of their visit without an intermediary.

The machines never get tired, get sick, or have a bad day.

With data capture that’s quick and error-free, they’re preferred both by customers and operators, says Hoss. “More than 70 percent of card reprints are processed on Everi’s 1Enroll kiosk.

Four out of five operators prefer to gather patron information via kiosks like 1Enroll, which can reprint cards 40 percent faster.”

Everi’s 1Promo lets operators move away from traditional drawing drums for a more user-friendly experience.

“The experience is fully digital and can be displayed on any video device in a casino.

A timer lets patrons know to claim their prize within a fixed amount of time.

1Promo can be used as a slot concierge, to promote restaurants, retail outlets and other amenities,” and even request W-2G forms.

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