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Last week I was waiting my turn in line at the Player’s Club at a casino in Arizona when I overheard a very interesting conversation between a patron and a representative of the casino.

Essentially, the patron was attempting to make the point to the employee that her offers were corsistently bad.

The employee, to their credit, remained composed and friendly as I’m quite sure they deal with this situation all the time.

What struck me was the clear and succinct manner in which the explanation was made to the patron.

Allow me to summarize what is conclusively affecting your offers:

  1. Every time you show up and present your player’s club card to be swiped in any way at the casino you are presenting the casino with a record of your value to them.
  2. Think about how many times you actually earned a lot of points on your card as opposed to the times when you earned just a few (or perhaps none because you just got a comped meal or a free gift). What, exactly, is your average number of points earned per trip to the casino over the past 12 months?
  3. Look at it from the casino’s perspective. What does it take to get you through their doors? Is it $10 in free slot play, a free $15 buffet, or a free $20 gift? (retail price-not the casino’s cost!)
  4. Finally, examine exactly what the casino is getting from you.

Are you a consistent player, or are you a fly by night player?

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