Winter extension

Winter extension

Sundsvall has become an expert on winter activities as a result of the many snowrich months.

“The best thing about the spring in Sundsvall is the late winter,”

laughs Maria Åslin, marketing director at Visit Sundsvall.

“It’s standard for us to ski through the whole of April.”

But not everyone is a keen skier.

And even though Sundsvall offers five beautiful slopes and 400 kilometres of tracks for cross-country skiing, there is so much more to do.

Jig fishing, for example, is ideal as the city is located close to many different lakes and ponds.

Anders Johansson, fishing guide, Winter extension

describes an idyllic winter scene when speaking about his excursions: “While we wait for the fish to bite,

some people sit around the camp fire while others might drive around the woods with our snow scooter.

We then gather to cook together on the open fire.”

Anders usually brings slices of reindeer meet, a local speciality.

And of course, if you are lucky, some supremely fresh fish, Winter extension

just pulled out of the ice-cold water, accompanies the meal.

Stenstan Visitor Center

If you want to stay away from the freezing cold and prefer indoor activities,

Stenstan (the stone town) Visitor Center is definitely worth exploring.

In this hyper-modern complex, you get to interact with the latest technology and learn more about Sundsvall’s architecture and history.

In 1888, the biggest fire in Swedish history devastated the whole city.

But as wealthy merchants engaged the best architects and craftsmen around for reconstruction, an extraordinary city,

inspired by Berlin and Vienna, grew in the middle of the deepest forests.

At the visitor centre, you can learn more about this and the rich cultural heritage of Sundsvall.

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