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Keeping track of the legalization of sports betting is an elusive thing.

The status of legalization in many states changes from day to day, week to week.

ChasIng the RaCe And the stipulations placed on legalization will change as time passes. Some states have prohibited online or mobile betting for a period of time, while others have favored one method over the other.

While it’s clear that mobile betting is the dominant factor in most states where retail and mobile sports betting are permitted, other factors—legal or political— may determine what path a state might take.

At right is the latest lay of the land as compiled by the American Gaming Association as of February 3. By the time you read this, it will probably be out of date, but GGB will update on a periodic basis.

To stay current on sports betting, visit the AGA website at

Football Frenzy I n the United States, the most prolific sports betting activity takes place during the NFL football season.

With legal sports betting relatively recent in the U.S., a report by Kambi on the recently completed NFL season demonstrated that NFL bets were the first bets placed by over half of the new signups over the past year.

ChasIng the RaCe College football (NCAA) hovered around 20 percent of the first bets.

But those new bettors quickly realized that they could bet on the other major sports leagues in the U.S. As the chart below shows, bettors moved on to wager on all six of the major sports leagues in addition to the NFL—NHL, NBA, NCAA football, NCAA basketball and Major League Baseball.

The report, which includes breakdowns on contending teams and betting patterns surrounding the Super Bowl, can be accessed at

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