Derek Webb

Inventor, 3-Card Poker

Derek Webb is the inventor of 3-Card Poker, the most successful proprietary table game in the history of the gaming industry.

Now retired after selling his company, Prime Table Games, to Galaxy Gaming, he spoke with.

GGB Publisher Roger Gros about the cover story in this month’s magazine. To hear a full podcast of the interview, visit

GGB: What was your idea for 3-Card Poker, and how did you roll it out? Derek Webb:

So, in effect, you’re serving both sides of the table better than what was already out there. The game started in Europe at several small casinos.

But tell us about your first introduction to the U.S. casinos.

Eventually, we got started in Mississippi and Nevada at a pretty similar time.

Mississippi was a great installation, and to some extent, that was a personal contact with Lyle Berman, who I played poker with, and he owned the Grand in Gulfport.

That was early ’96, over 20 years ago.

And they did a great installation, because they put it in a great location, and they gave me all the statistics on it, they allowed me to help write their internal procedures—they spent time with me to get it right. They allocated one full day to train the dealers, get the installation correct.

So Barry Morris and the executives there really deserve the credit.

In Nevada, we ended up going with the Stardust, and unfortunately—and I’m afraid this is still true today—Nevada operators do not do a diligent enough job with new game installation.

They expect their dealers to be able to learn the games quickly, but do not pay attention to the nuances, they do not try to maximize the revenue from the game, and unfortunately, while

the game did enough to pass its field trial, and the volume of revenue was adequate, the volume of participation was adequate, the hold percentage was pretty low, and there was a problem with the old shuffling machines at that time

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