PSNZ Council member profile

PSNZ Council member profile

THANK YOU TO the Photographic Society of NZ (PSNZ) Council

and PSNZ members for offering me an opportunity to participate as a Councillor.

 I joined Auckland Photographic Society (APS) in 2008 and have been an active member of that club since that time, participating in a number of off-committee roles.

I edited the APS newsletter Focal Plane for three years and have more recently initiated several innovative club educational opportunities that aim to offer support to new and existing members alike.

 In 2010 I was responsible for the sponsorship and funding portfolio as a member of the APS Convention Organising Committee (COC) planning the Northern Regional Convention Rhythm of Light.

That was a big job and we found that support from partners and donors was invaluable to the ultimate convention experience we were able to offer to participants. ลาวสามัคคี วีไอพี

 That was why, in 2016, I put my hand up to be a member of the APS COC organising the 2017 PSNZ National Convention Photography on the Edge.

 On this committee I again took on the sponsorship role and worked closely with the major industry sponsors to finalise contractual, speaker and other agreements.

 I participated in the PSNZ Judge Accreditation Panel mentoring scheme in 2015 and was confirmed as an accredited PSNZ judge at the beginning of 2016.

I get a real buzz out of the judging role and feel it is a great means

by which to give back to the photography community that has supported my own endeavours. And it helps me to learn – all the time – which is great.

Photographically I gravitate towards a bit of non-conventional interpretative imagery.

I am a habitual entrant in the Black and White Spider Awards and the International Colour Awards;

I love the imagery those awards share with the world and highly recommend browsing their winners’ portfolios – stunning and inspirational. One of my favourite genres is the audiovisual (AV).

 I find an AV gives me licence to explore a theme both literally and laterally. I find AVs to be expressive

 and I feel the pure harmony that can be found between images and soundtrack can be magical.

My audio-visuals (and there are not many of them as I don’t create an AV if I don’t have anything to say)

are often thought-provoking and – to some viewers – a little ‘off key’.

For more information:  ลาวสามัคคี วีไอพี