Stranded on the Forgotten

Stranded on the Forgotten

ON SATURDAY’S FIELD trip we were booked on the Forgotten World Rail

Trail and were transported by car to the start of the journey, about 20 minutes away.

Carol and Dave were our hosts, with Dave leading the way in his rail buggy and Carol meeting up with us at our planned afternoon tea stop.

The scenery was beautiful as we travelled through parts of the country seldom seen.

We were quite lucky (we thought) as ours was the last buggy, so of course we were able to make a couple of extra unscheduled stops.

For instance, as the rest of the group railed on, oblivious to our devious ways, ลาวสามัคคี

we stopped to take photos of a derelict camper van! How cool was that, we thought!

We quickly caught them up at the next scheduled stop and took photos of a lovely old vehicle that had come from Horopito.

A perfect subject for a little bit of HDR. We set off again in convoy and stopped by an old sheep run.

After a few minutes it was all aboard once more and we climbed on our rail buggies (some with more agility than others)

and away… they went! Richard our driver turned the key on, took his foot off the brake,

and pressed the accelerator as usual… and…nothing! He tried again and again – still nothing as we watched in dismay as our travelling companions railed off into the sunset.

We tried shouting but to no avail – it fell on deaf ears! Mmmm, okay, so what to do.

We had the contact phone number for our tour operator Carol, and we knew she had a vehicle at the next stop about 15 minutes away by rail.

But there was no signal for our Spark mobiles. We knew that eventually someone would notice we were missing and the group would come back that way.

The ‘boys’ set to work to see if they could solve the problem. They lifted up the engine cover

and looked – and decided it may have been the throttle cable starter connections, a job for Dave to sort.

Had it been a computer I am sure Mark would have quickly solved the problem. As for me, I just took photos of the action!

For more information: ลาวสามัคคี