The First Generation

The First Generation

“The industry is currently wrapping up its first generation of skill-based games,” Sahl says.

Consensus among manufacturers, moving into the second generation of hybrid gaming,

Is about finding the right integration of gambling and skill elements without skewing the younger demographic that enjoys playing them.

The first few years of this new era of gaming were about analyzing player behaviors and learning what they enjoy in their gaming experience.

In 2019, manufacturers believe they have a better grasp of what new segments players are looking for.

GameCo’s Blaine Graboyes has learned that creating a fun and engaging experience for players is about.

“combining the motivations for a (video) gamer and the motivations for a gambler.”

Whereas gamers typically look for elements like theme, progression, completion, competition,

Story and narrative, gamblers look for real anticipation, winning and losing.

As Graboyes says, “Because if you’re not losing sometimes, winning is just not that exciting.”

Contrary to popular opinion, hybrid gaming isn’t necessarily about creating games where the most-skilled players win the most money.

Hybrid gaming is for players who aren’t interested in simply pressing a button on a traditional slot for the chance to win big.

Hybrid games add a gambling component to an entertainment experience for a demographic.

Well-versed in the world of online and mobile games—games that require exercising some skill to achieve a desirable outcome.

“Hybrid gaming is the next natural step,” says Sahl.

“Looking at the last 30 years of slot design, there have been dynamic, exciting changes and developments in terms of the actual machines themselves: the screens, the use of touch screens and video screens,

the additions of sounds and colors and lights.

 “More important, we saw great new features that transformed the purely random win/loss dynamic of the slot: bonus rounds, crazy wilds and multipliers. Slot players loved them then and love them now.

We’re at a point where it’s natural to look at games like ‘Candy Crush’ and ‘Angry Birds’ and say,

‘Can we take what makes them fun, merge them with what makes our gaming fun, and create a new playing experience that appeals not just to new players but people who currently enjoy our products?’”

Hybrid slot manufacturers fill a gap in the industry by creating a unique new gaming product where there was once none,

but this innovation experiment will continue for years to come as new technologies emerge and more is learned about player preferences.

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